3 Poems To Kill Time To


The delicious relief that tempts your tongue however short and brief.

The moralising feeling that turns humans cynical and leave them reeling.

The social etiquette that tells you how wrong the thoughts are you wish to commit.

The detached calm you’re scared of embodying in your silence and dry palm.

The empty reaction that quivers for the trivial but never the real; not even a fraction.

Am I keeping my head for others’ benefit or do I really hope he is dead?

Never Love Us

Don’t love who’s love you’ll never understand;

You’ll never be more than flesh to me.

It’s not a lack of caring,

Rather dreams you can’t see.

I have no mistresses nor boys on the page,

Hidden amongst this line.

But I elope into my depths and struggle;

Alone with what is mine.

You are never second;

Disposed of and replaced.

But you’ll lose a lover if I cannot turn,

To that which must be faced.

We Fade

Into being,

From where we were we’ll be again.


Like dawn and dusk,

Boys become men,

Even if it takes decades.

The days of habits become years of characters.

What is sudden we are blind to its glacial pace.


We think we’ve had no warning when we’ve been spoilt.

Little by little,

The Apocalypse comes.

But we don’t care.

We come in,

We come out.

Like a breath but we choose if we bother to breathe.



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