Silence is your life’s soundtrack,
Don’t hate the composition.
If you always cheer and jeer,
You will never truly hear.
Teachers were students once,
Masters are students still.
Love is the gratitude,
For another person’s existence.
You lose your memories,
By not living their lessons.
You don’t have to act,
How you feel now.
If you could see your entire life,
You’d see why you’re alive now.
You show yourself most,
When you have no one to show yourself to.
To you it’s your tradition,
To others it’s their trauma.
The facts are what happened,
The truths are what happen.


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash



Travel for a bed,
Leaving deceit in their head,
A regret before your dead,
But who cares; you got fed.

Love what you hate,
Stay up late,
To see a lad as a mate,
Midnight snacks on a plate.

Sigh a whistle slow,
As girls put on a show,
They have secrets only you know,
You reap what you sow.

Someone new every night,
Cheap, eager, and tight,
Sends the senses in flight,
This is a losing fight.

Keep it hush,
No need to rush,
So close; just a push,
Mute the video; shush!

Never tell a single soul,
Even as it takes a toll,
Give in while you’re a roll,
Go on; plunge down that hole.

Photo by DIEGO SANCHEZ on Unsplash



I both loathe and love the great;

They cheat me by living far longer than I will allow.

It means I must come back for their names,

To give them a second and lasting death.

And even then,

Even now,

They live on in the hazy formation of their successors,

Oblivious to their foundations.

They live in pages they never wrote,

Yet have still touched,

In lives they have birthed by saving those now old.

Aye; I am nearly tempted to give them another try,

To mock them…

Or to see can they impress me twice,

I will never know.

Photo by Ahmed Adly on Unsplash