Oisin’s Lament

Can I stay,

And die amongst the forgotten?

Can I live my seconds,

Amongst the decayed and rotten?

There is no place for me,

Where I’ve called home.

My friends, my loves,

Just legends in a tome.

Even our gods are dead,

Buried beneath crosses.

How mighty they once were,

Deciding victories and losses.

Leave me Niamh,

Leave me here in Hell.

I’m already damned,

Despite the lies the cleric tell.

Age is cruel,

For it draws out the final blow.

Time is a wound,

Piercing and growing slow.

You can’t take me back,

But please take me away.

Take me somewhere to die,

In the night if not the day.

I am robbed of longing,

As well as everything.

So I may as well,

Have no Keeners to sing.

If my brothers are in Hell,

Let me go there in peace.

I will smile to know once more,

We shall make torment our feast.



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